About Discover Lanark

Discover Lanark - About the BIDDiscover Lanark aims to implement innovative projects and services through the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID). A BID is an initiative where businesses work in partnership with Local Authorities to develop their town.  After our consultation phase, Discover Lanark will produce 5-year costed business plan setting out the projects and services put forward by the town’s businesses and organisations that the BID will implement.

Over 30 towns in Scotland have already created their Business Improvement Districts and another 15 are in the consultation phase, showing that BIDs are an established means for businesses and organisations to achieve their ambitions for their towns.

Before the BID is established, a year long consultation phase is carried out in which everyone on the Local Authority’s non-domestic rates register in that area will be consulted. A 5-year Business Plan is drawn up and distributed followed by a postal ballot. If the ballot approves the BID Business Plan, the BID is established as a legal entity with a duty to implement the plan. Our Timeline Page sets out these steps.

There are many Business Improvement Districts across Scotland each with an individual agenda set out in their Business Plan. Read more about them and what they’ve set out to achieve on the Scotland’s Improvement Districts website or browse our Information Leaflets to see how your business sector can benefit.

How can we expect visitors to come to Lanark if we don’t provide something as basic as a public toilet ?