Support growing steadily for Discover Lanark Business Plan

More local businesses are deciding in favour of the Discover Lanark Business Plan. Two of the latest businesses to declare their support are I A Stewart Chartered Accountants, based in New Lanark and John Frood and Sons Plumbers in the Wellgate.

Alan Kerr from I A Stewart said: “Our company is pleased to support the Discover Lanark initiative, we believe the BID will bring tangible improvements to the town, working with New Lanark Heritage Site has the potential to substantially increase the number of people visiting Lanark, which can only be good for local trades.”

Heather Normand from John Frood and Sons said: “There have been a number of slow but steady improvements to Lanark over the last few years, I am confident the BID will move these improvements up a gear and will be the start of making Lanark a better place to live.”

The postal ballot is now open and all eligible businesses should receive their voting papers in the post.  If you have any remaining questions about the Discover Lanark BID, please check the BID Business Plan, our updated FAQ page or contact Project Manager Gary Winning for a one-to-one meeting. All votes must be received by 5 pm on Thursday 28 February 2019.