Timeline : OverviewThe process of consultation and planning for a Business Improvement District is laid out by BIDs Scotland and concludes with a postal ballot. Prior to that, everyone within the proposed BID Area who appears on the Scottish Assessors Association database will be consulted and those eligible will have received a voting form (irrespective of whether they are rates exempt or not). If the majority vote in favour, all eligible persons liable to pay the non-domestic rate are liable for the levy. Our timeline for these steps is detailed below.


Autumn / Winter 2017/18

Timeline : ConsultationAll shopkeepers/businesses (and others with properties on the non-domestic rates register) will receive a visit from the Project Manager, Gary Winning as well as members of the Steering Group. – A comprehensive Shopper Survey will commence on 20th November 2017 at several points throughout the Town Centre.

The purpose of these is to ask opinions on

  • What’s good and working well ?
  • What Lanark currently lacks ?
  • What would you like to see improved ?

Spring 2018

Timeline : PlanningThe Project Manager and Steering Group assess the feedback from both shopper and business consultations, and issue a fully costed business improvement plan for Lanark.

Summer 2018

Timeline : The Business PlanThe case will be made for the Business Plan which will contain the projects and services requested by the Lanark business community with cost figures and details of how the Business Improvement District will be able to accomplish these.

The Voting Papers will be delivered to all people whose premises are within the BID area and who would be liable to pay the BID levy

Winter 2018/19

Timeline : BallotBallot – If the vote is YES a BID Manager will be appointed and a Board of Directors put together to manage the BID.
If the vote is NO things will carry on without any plan or resources to improve our town.

There’s a lot happening in Lanark but we keep it to ourselves and don’t do enough to market the town.